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Meet the Team

“fellow workers for the truth” (3 John 8)

Meet the team of speakers who enable the Truth for Today radio programme to be broadcast each week.

Current team members

David Anderson

David lives in North East England, where he is an active member of his local assembly (church). David worked in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients sector of the chemical industry for 40 years as an analytical chemist, a quality manager and then as a company director before becoming a consultant. For many years, he was involved in organising children’s summer camps. He is currently involved in preaching and teaching amongst Christian Brethren assemblies and conferences. He writes articles for Scripture Truth and Grace & Truth Christian magazines, and has a book, “Remembering my Creator since my youth”, published. He also works as a tutor for UK and overseas students with Emmaus Bible School correspondence courses.

Ian Britton

Ian works as an IT manager for the NHS. Ian trusted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour while he was still a young boy and has been preaching the Gospel since his late teens. He enjoys being out in the fresh air and counts it a joy and a privilege to seek after God and to encourage others to do the same.

Ernie Brown

Ernie was born “between the wars” in North East England, which was then a major engineering production area. On leaving school, he received engineering training at a large engineering company there. On completion of his training, he served as a sea-going engineer with a major oil company for three years. The remaining years of his employment were spent with major energy supply companies. Since retiring early from his secular employment, he has been engaged in Christian work in his local assembly, in various parts of the UK, and occasionally abroad, as opportunity has arisen.

Paul Callicott

Paul works as an Electrical Engineer. Paul attends his local assembly and is active in the work that takes place there. Growing up in a Christian family, Paul became a believer in the Lord Jesus at a young age and has since been active in Christian service.

Brian Donaldson

Brian lives in a small coastal town and works in the finance industry. Brian meets with other believers each week in his local assembly. Over the years Brian has been involved in camp work and now feels led to encourage younger parents and families in their Christian walk.

Yannick Ford

Yannick works as a scientist. He enjoys reading and writing, and spending time with his family. He writes articles for Scripture Truth magazine, and has had two books published: “The Gospel in Job” and “Fruit for Christ’s Labour”. It was through reading and re-reading the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament that he found true peace, and he is keen for others to be blessed by God’s Word too. Yannick also currently introduces the weekly broadcast.

Arthur Hodgett

Arthur was as an electrical engineer and spent his career in the nuclear power industry. Brought up in a Christian family, he came to know the Lord while he was young. He is now retired. Most of his time is spent in the Lord’s service. He is heavily involved in the technical side of the production of Truth for Today talks.

David Hughes

David works as a statistician. As well as broadcasting on Truth for Today, he periodically writes for Christian magazines and preaches at various assemblies. David’s life is different as a result of knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour and he wants to encourage others to take seriously the message of the Bible.

Gordon Hughes

For many years, Gordon lectured in chemistry before taking early retirement to give him more time for Christian work. As well as local church commitments, this has involved writing and editing together with oral ministry, both locally and nationally.

Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan now serves the Lord full time as Emmaus Bible School UK’s director after spending most of his working life in secular employment. He became a Christian as a child after hearing about the lost coin (see Luke 15:8-10). At his local church, he is involved in the children’s work and arranges teaching meetings for the younger believers there. He also helps to organise an annual conference aimed particularly at helping young believers. Walking, model making and historical fiction fills his spare time.

Gordon Kell

Gordon is much in demand as a Bible teacher, especially in dealing with practical subjects has long had an interest in helping and encouraging young Christians. He has broadcast on Truth for Today since its beginning.

Peter Ollerhead

Since retirement, Peter has been active in Sunday School work in his local assembly as well as preaching the Gospel to many local congregations. Other interests include hospital broadcasting, local history and dealing in books.

David Pulman

David trusted Christ as his Saviour and Lord in his early teens through the faithful preaching of the local Christian Brethren Sunday School teachers. Most of his working life was in Information Technology-Networks for British Gas. Since retiring, he has become more involved in Christian activities, including Truth for Today broadcasts, and supporting his local Christian Brethren assembly in North East England. He also works as a tutor for UK and overseas students with Emmaus Bible School correspondence courses.

Paul Thomson

Paul is involved in his local assembly where he takes his share of preaching, ministry and children’s work. Paul has helped run children’s camps for many years.

Stephen Thomson

Stephen was brought up in a Christian family and put his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour at an early age. He meets regularly with believers in his local assembly in where he lives in the Scottish Borders - as well as taking on some speaking engagements further afield. He is self-employed.

Ken Wood

After coming to Christ as a teenager, Ken has been an active member of a local Christian assembly, briefly in the South of England but mostly in his native North East. He has, at various times, edited a Gospel magazine, helped in the running of summer camps for children, and preached as and when the opportunity has arisen. He also writes Christian songs. Currently he serves as a Trustee of a charity which supports Christian work in Africa. He works as an electronics and software engineer.

Some Past Team members

Glenn Baxter

Glenn Baxter (1943-2010) spent his working life as an accountant. He became a Christian at the age of eight, and grew up to be an outstanding evangelist, pastor and teacher, with a special gift of challenging ministry for young people. He worked tirelessly with young and old in the activities of the Christians with whom he met, and his ministry extended beyond local Bible studies to camps, house parties and conferences within the United Kingdom. As its chairman, he wisely guided the activities of Scripture Truth Publications, and he was a regular broadcaster on the Truth for Today radio programme.

George Bell

George Bell (1922-2004) was much respected for his manner of life and as a Bible teacher in Christian Brethren assemblies both locally and nationally.

Anthony Brett

Anthony has been involved in Gospel preaching and Bible teaching since his late teens and for many years was involved with the children’s club at his local assembly.

Douglas Pettman

Douglas qualified as a chartered accountant and did National Service with the army. His business years were spent first within the accountancy profession. This was followed by directorships of several companies in the United Kingdom and abroad. He is now retired. He was involved in various aspects of church life, particularly in support of missionary work around the world and at home.

George Stevens

George became acquainted with the Lord from a young age attending a Baptist Sunday School and Young Sowers League. During his teenage years, he attended an Anglican church. He gained assurance of salvation in a Brethren assembly at about the age of twenty three. He has gone on to serve the Lord in a wide variety of ways including preaching and teaching.

Truth for Today has now broadcast more than 1,000 programmes.