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Bible Families

This series is part of the Bible Themes category. It comprises of 4 broadcasts.

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01. Elimelech and Naomi

Broadcast Date: 21 November 1999

Programme Number: T0085

Speaker: George Stevens

Bible Text: Ruth 1:1‑22

Series: Bible Families

Category: Bible Themes

02. Boaz and Ruth

Broadcast Date: 28 November 1999

Programme Number: T0086

Speaker: Arthur Goodwin

Bible Text: Ruth 2:1‑3:18

Series: Bible Families

Category: Bible Themes

03. Zecharias and Elizabeth

Broadcast Date: 05 December 1999

Programme Number: T0087

Speaker: David Pulman

Bible Text: Luke 1:1‑80

Series: Bible Families

Category: Bible Themes

04. Joseph and Mary

Broadcast Date: 12 December 1999

Programme Number: T0088

Speaker: Gordon Hughes

Bible Text: Matthew 1:18‑21

Series: Bible Families

Category: Bible Themes

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